They have dinosaurs eating other dinos and you can push the button to hear the roar and the old black velvet pictures of warriors with bloody axesand snarling dogs(wolves). Glow in the dark stars, A century of physics posters and Einstein. No theme except that the two bedrooms go together. And my 9 and 13yo still have lego creations adorning every blank space. Cindi in Dallas who is wondering how they don’t have nightmares.

I dunno… I’m beginning to think that just about anything would be better than full color *glossy* photos ( thankfully, no circles, arrows, or paragraphs on the back ) of corpses in various states of decomposition or mummification. Ack. Yick. I think he’ll either be a doctor or a coroner when he grows up. He’s also got bizarre experimental atomic models here and there around the room ( don’t know what they are, but they don’t look like *anything* from chem class! ), bugs….

He’s got the dinos ( right now T Rex is attempting to swallow the Triceratops without a great deal of success ), and he’s got his army guys having a battle… Yeesh. I wonder how he doesn’t have nightmares too… And this is the same kid who’ll read ’till midnight unless you shut his light off every 5 minutes after bedtime until 10 or so… 😀