My wife got ahold of a consumer debt relief program.It is not through CCCS, one that you have to pay a hefty fee for. $60.00 a month to use it. We have about $10,850 of debt, which is from credit cards to hospital to dr’s bills, and a high intrest loan. To set everything up they get $475.95. After that we would pay $376 to this company which they would broker the account out to and they would get the $60 from the 376. They said it would take 45 months to pay everything off. During that time our credit cards would be closed and no new loans. If we pay it on our own would would be paying out about $550. Her big thing is that the payment would be on time ( that is part of the problem, credit cards with its late fees and over the limit fees…from the late fees) I don’t like the deal at all… I got a strange feeling about it. We went to the local CCCS and the said the difference between being put on their program and paying it off ourselves would be just a matter of $20 bucks or so. Like I said, she wants to do it, I don’t but I need more “ammo” or information if you will, to comat what she says. Thanks all, and sorry so long.


  • Who is the bread winner? You or your wife?
  • Who has more debt? You or your wife?
  • How much debt do the two of you share?
  • Who manages the money? You or your wife?

If you are the bread winner and have more debt then I would say handle your debt as you see fit.

Another suggestion is take care of your own debt through CCCS and let your wife take care of her debt as she wants to.

Tell your wife the money you save by going through CCCS that you will be able to get rid of your debt quicker. By going through the consumer debt relief program you are gaining unneccesary debt. There is no need to pay a company for debt relief when there are nonprofit organizations that will help.

Our local consumer reporter has a website that can answer your questions.

Best of Luck