She had a “c” section and spent five days in the hospital. There were no complications. The hospital bill came to over $61,000 which I suppose the insurance company will negotiate somewhat. The bill for the nursery alone was $7500 – over $100 per hour. So far my employee had to cough up $1500 as a co-pay, but we’re not sure if this is the end of it. This same employee had a child about two years ago and the bill was $41,000 (no ‘c’ section).

For me to cover this person on my health insurance plan costs my company over $12,000 per year and this is minimal “crisis” coverage. It went up 34% this year and 26% the year before. Soon, I will probably have to close my business and go chapter 7 myself because I can’t afford to hire people and remain competitive in the global marketplace. Of course that leaves me and my people without coverage at all.

Meanwhile, doctors, insurance company and pharmaceutical executives are sailing their yachts in the Mediterranean and flying their Lear jets to African Safaris at the drop of a hat. Why do I feel I’d be better off in Cuba where there’s no shortage of doctors and infant mortality is a small fraction of what it is here?

I have never worked at a job that offered health benefits originally so I got my own. Right now it’s about $300 a month which is more than I can afford but I have no choice if I don’t want to use Kaiser. I work part time at the University of San Francisco and they have 60 slots of health insurance for over 200 part time faculty. I’m told that it costs USF $10,000 for every person on the health plan. Hell, I’m saving them that money and think I should get it in my salary. You can’t imagine the world of difference it would make.