I have two student loans totaling about 15,000, I have been in and out of jobs and nothing I went to school for so I didn’t make much at all. I have numerous bills I am behind on and once you get behind it seems impossible to catch up. Would anyone know of any good place to do student loan consolidation? I am at a job now were the pay is better than the last couple years but I have so much to pay off and collections and I can’t figure out a way to work this in to an already very tight budget.

Please help, any input would be greatly appreciated.

Credit cards are responsible for a huge portion of American debt?

No, credit cards are NOT responsible for a huge portion of American debt the people that are using the cards are responsible. We (the debtors) are our own predators, none of these companies forced any one to get one of their cards or to charge it up and/or max it out and get more credit cards and do the same thing to them. Take responsibility for your own actions and spending habits, no one held a gun to your head and told you that you have to take their credit card. We (the debtors) are our own worst enemies and will continue to be until we learn to break the cycle. It is not any credit lending and/or banks responsibility to teach us good budgeting and spending habits, it is each and every persons own responsibility. Buck up and take responsibility instead of trying to blame your mistakes on any one or any company.

Very true!! But corporations are not responsible for your spending habits or your accepting credit. You have free will and the ability to make choices. If everyone that owes credit card debt decided to pay off what they owe and never use or accept another credit card again then corporate policies would have to change. Corporate actions and policies are based on consumers actions and reactions, and yes not all corporations are operated in a legal or even moral manner but I believe most are. Ultimately you are the only one responsible for your own choices and actions, not a corporation.

I wish that whoever blindly believes that credit card companies do not hold any blame for American debt problems would wake up and start reading more and being more informed about the growing problem. How many articles have to be printed and how many cases have to be presented to Congress regarding innocent, honest people with excellent credit falling into the traps of the credit card companies, never to be able to recover?

Yes, a person DOES have to be responsible. But, as “pupart” says, there is also a desparate need for corporate responsiblity. Yes, the consumer needs to be responsible. Of course they do. Who ever said they didn’t? BUT——-these predators who purposely target those with poor credit, bombarding them with credit offers—-that is WRONG and needs to be stopped.

Yes, the consumer needs to be responsible. BUT the credit card companies are taking advantage of the economic situation in the country, with people who are in dire straits because of circumstances beyond their control and have no way out but cards.

I get so frustrated at the naitivity that still abounds regarding credit. It’s not a cookie cutter world, where one simple “people should be responsible” solution can just be the only answer. Oh, Please. Get informed. The cc companies are shafting thousands of honest customers every day, and making killer profits doing so.