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Cost cutting tips

Hi all, I’m looking for some ways to save money and beat down debt. I think the biggest money saver we have made is my hubby is driving his motorcycle (50 MPG) to work everyday. Much better than the 12 MPG he was getting in his old truck.

I’d love to hear what everyone else does to save money. I could use some fresh ideas. Every dime helps!

thanks guys,

Hello, and an egg question

Hi there! I am here!

Karol, from Indiana, with dh and 3 boys, ages 13, 10, and 18 months, and #4 on the way. (Don’t know if it is a boy yet, but I would be neither surprised nor unhappy to find out that it is!) I am sort of a SAHM. I have my own business, making handcrafted soap, candles, and body care products. Right now I work out of my kitchen, but this week and next, I am moving it all over to a nearby apartment! I am so excited. I will be able to take Tanner and the new baby with me, still do my business, and come home to a kitchen that is NOT stacked to the ceiling with pails of oil and slabs of wax! LOL So I guess I am more of a WAHM?

Ah, titles…no difference to me. Anyway, in general I am trying to be more conscious of our spending and budgeting plan and how we can be a little more frugal. Now my egg question…We just started receiving WIC. I sometimes have the impression (not from people here, just kind of in general, I guess) that this is somehow not a good thing, but I figure I am pregnant with an 18 month old baby, and one gallon of milk per week just doesn’t cut it.

I am soooo grateful to have this program. At any rate…we get 4 dozen eggs a month. I love boiled eggs, but I am going to be looking for some other recipes to make good use of some of these! We are not big scrambled/fried/omelette eaters, I guess. Any ideas for recipes that use a lot of eggs, without being egg-oriented (does that make sense?!) would be appreciated. Thanks, and so nice to see you all here. 🙂