I recieved a collection notice from United Collections Bureau yesterday with my name on it and my ex-husbands name in it. I have been divorced over 4 years and his name was never on this account.

What should I do? I sure don’t want them contacting him.

Write and/or call the bureau. Be sure you make it clear that you and your ex are divorced, supply the date, and request an explanation of why both names have been placed on the account. After my divorce last year i had several of my ex-husband’s debts show up on my credit report. I had to send the credit report agency information about when the divorce was finalized and how some of the debts were divided between us.

Within the time limit they set his debts were taken off my report. If the bureau won’t take your ex’s name off contact your state’s attorney general’s office. They have a whole section devoted to dealing with debt collectors, at least the one here in Michigan does. You can also use this department to check out some agencies and to file complaints against ones contacting you. I hope this helps. Oh, i found the Michigan attorney general by going to the state government site (michigan.gov) and explored a little.