I take offense to anyone telling me, after the circumstances I’ve been through, to “buck up and take responsiblity instead of blaming the cc companies for my mistakes”. How dare anyone use such a broad, uninformed comment based on sheer opinion. I was a completely responsible consumer with perfect credit. I, like millions of other consumers out there, met with personal circumstances which tumbled my life into a frenzy. Credit cards companies, (I didn’t have that many) who I had been a loyal and well-paying customer to, were hard-nosed and unconcerned and not willing to allow me any slack, nor accept any arrangements I tried to make. Then started the fees—-late and over-the limit, once the late fees piled up.

In times past, credit card companies wold work with you and understand that things happen. Not any more. It’s prime-time for them when people have problems and fall into difficult times. They love it. High profit for them. I resent that. And I resent anybody who puts me in a big, undefined category with those who actually might be deadbeats. Again, how dare you.

I WAS a responsible consumer, VERY RESPONSIBLE. I don’t blame the companies for my DEBTS—–true, they are my own. But life happens. Nobody has EVER said that credit card companies are single-handed in causing American debt. Good Lord—-we’re not that stupid. The point being made is that they ARE predatory and are greedily taking advantage of a situation that is already there, in order to make profits. That’s all. I only agree on one thing—-I only have one card now, and am even thinking of getting rid of it, as I just don’t like swimming in the credit waters anymore. It’s too dangerous and there are no life preservers if you sink.

Here! Here! I am in one hundred percent agreement with this post. When I was in major credit card debt, I was the only who had to step up to the plate and work at fixing it. Nobody else was to blame, as much as I tried to blame some of it on my ex-huband, unfortunately none of the credit cards were in his name at all. They all had only my name on them. I can see someone trying to sue a creditor for giving them a credit card and letting them get into debt. It’s like the absurdity of suing a fast food chain for spilling HOT coffee all over yourself in one of their restaurants -????- remember that one!