I was luckily only out of work for about month. But that’s a long time when you have major bills. I bounced back, because I didn’t allow my circumstances to put me into depression or self-pitty. I was ready to work two or three jobs to equal my prior income, if I had too. I busted my ass everyday, looking for a new job in my vocation and did many follow ups myself. I kept a veneer of a terrific outlook. A new potential employer doesn’t want hire a person who seems desperate and sad. I finally accepted a new job and even negotiated with the new boss for a higher hourly rate than I had with the last job.

A GOOD attitude has a lot to do with what people can get through in their lives, even large debts.

The healthcare crisis in our country is only a big deal, because as harsh as this sounds, WE HAVE PUT OURSELVES THERE. The obesity rates are becoming astronomical – even for children. There are more cases of mental and physical problems even for very young children. Who is responsible? We are all so self indulgent. More food, the new cars, the newest technology…a house that looks like a mini mansion, etc. Dump the kids into daycare(we pay more for that), so we can have the newest SUV. It’s worse for us, who grew up in the mid 70’s to late 80’s – The “ME” generation. We were really messed up by that.

Who cares if we go into debt and suffer more mental and physical problems, as long as we look like we are Okay on the outside. We can’t blame anything or anyone for the consequences we are suffering as a whole, except for ourselves.

I made a vow to myself, not to live this way anymore, during my days of paying of the debt, and after. Thanks to my husband, who was my boyfriend back then, I don’t know if I would ever seen the light. I wanted the easy way out and found out there was NO SUCH THING.

For anyone in the midst of the stress that debt causes, I know it’s almost impossible to “see the end of the tunnel”. But it is really there, I promise.