I think the time a choice is taken away from us is when the interest rates jump up high as a kite and the companies won’t play.

Then, your choice has been taken and you HAVE no choice if you can’t sock it to them by transferring, or paying it off heftily. We can all try to be smart, but the contracts are totally written for the LENDOR and not the ‘Lendee’.

I am in fact paying down nicely, and….AND…. talk about a winning week; a couple of businessmen in TX GAVE ME a new laptop! Such a gift!!! I am amazed at the goodness of some folks in the world. They wrote, saying “we know you’re making herculean efforts to pay down so you can afford better things like this. We had to fire an employee, and his work laptop is sitting here. Where can we send it to you so it’ll have a good home?”

Because of my work, I was able to track its’ (by the serial number) purchase history and who bought it. So thankfully I know it is totally Legit and not ‘HOT’

I don’t see what the big deal is. Granted, probably most of the people who recieved the booklet are too uppity to save money or recycle, but there is nothing wrong with the advice. We do it all the time (not out of actual dumpsters, but from the city dump, or curbside give aways). Many people throw away perfectly good things just because they are too lazy or messed up to take them to a thrift store or charity. No reason to let such things clutter up our landfills.

I get frustrated with people that try to blame their problems on everyone else (whether it is credit card issues or something else). This is one reason why we have so many ridiculous frivolous law suites and everyone wants to blame someone else instead taking responsibility for their own actions. Credit card companies are not innocent, nor do I agree with their policies and practices, but no one forced you to accept their card and use it and as for targeting people with bad credit, you know what… those folks have minds of their own and if they choose to accept the offers knowing their financial situation then they are to blame for their problems not the credit card company. Take responsibility!!!